Our Partners

We take pride in representing companies that are innovative and are continuously improving their products and services. We believe the solutions we brought to the Ethiopian sugar and agriculture industries partnering with these companies brought real and tangible positive impact. We have very strong, mutually beneficial relationships with our partners lasting for so many years. We are always looking forward to representing companies that fit our growth strategy. If you are a business that is looking for an agent in Ethiopia, please contact us for further discussion. New Harmony is the Ethiopian agent for major international companies such as:


Bartlett is an Australian owned company leading the way in developing new fabrication and sealing. Its factories house the latest in technology with an ever increasing range of state of the art equipment and purpose built process machinery. The unique design of the factories supports enormous versatility and volume with products manufactured from a number of specialist production sections.

Bartlett’s production flexibility can cater for mass runs or a one-off product in either standard production or made to order custom products. The company range includes an extensive list of products that protect, preserve, contain and transport. New products are being developed continuously as new needs are discovered and new opportunities uncovered. The challenges are always new but the underlying theme is the same, to harness the energy of the elements for the benefit of its customers.

Bundaberg WalkerS

Bundaberg Walkers Engineering is primarily a manufacturer of sugar factory equipment, but has proven experience in general engineering and the mining industry. The organization is one of the larger manufacturing facilities located in Australia and offers a competitive source for heavy structural steel, process and storage tanks, pressure vessels and other work typically associated with a heavy engineering workshop. Bundaberg Walkers has made everything from cane haulage locomotives, to ships, to the largest sugar mill in the world.

Bundaberg Walkers’ vast practical experience enables it to provide a wide range of general engineering products and services. Bundaberg Walkers’ genuine products can be found throughout the world – in Australia, Asia/Pacific, Africa and the Americas.


ActionLaser is a successful Australian high tech start-up manufacturing company. It evolved from the combination of the sugar industry’s need for a better sugar centrifuge screen and the development by CSIRO research physicists of advanced Nd-YAG laser perforation technology. Australia’s CSIRO was the home for the Division of Applied Physics, which developed and patented unique laser technology to drill very small holes [or slots] in thin stainless steel sheets. The company commenced production and sale of “LaserScreens” in early 1989. Initial sales were to the Australian sugar industry but quickly developed into export markets. ActionLaser won several major awards recognizing its innovation and commercial success.

From the mid 90s, ActionLaser began working with key customers to develop new laser drilling techniques to create screens to meet their specific industrial requirements. 

Misr October S.A.E. Food Industries

El MISRIEEN (Misr October S.A.E. for Food Industries) is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Dairy and fresh fruit juice Packed in glass bottles and Tetra Pack in Egypt. Employing state of the art technology, the company manufactures products that are high quality that adhere to international standards.

With experience in sales Locally in Egypt as well as in the middle East and Africa and looking to expanding to Europe and USA.