New Harmony Scope

The scope of New Harmony’s portfolio of interrelated products and services span the area of expertise the company has specialized in. We started offering our services to the sugar industry and slowly moved into related sectors. The areas we focus on include:

  • Agriculture – Irrigation material (Flexi flume with accessories) from C.E. Bartlett of Australia
  • Sugar industry machinery and equipment supplies and services the Bundaberg walkers of Australia
  • Consultancy
  • Training

We are proud to introduce new products and methods of processes to our clients in Ethiopia that helped produce more, spend less, and conserve input, energy and time. New Harmony is always looking for opportunities to expand its relationships with international companies that seek to get into the Ethiopian market. Please contact us for more information.

Among the values we bring to the table to our two important stakeholders:

Our End User Clients benefit from:

  • Our years of experience in the industries we are involved in,
  • Highly trained and professional staff catering to your needs,
  • Avery deep pool of experts we draw from our principal partners with world-class reputation to solve your problems,
  • High quality, innovative, reliable, international standard products proven globally,
  • Consultation services  on production enhancement, expansion, quality improvement, new technology introduction, projects Management & consultancy services  , etc.,
  • Training services of staff on new technology in the industry, and
  • Many more.

Our Principal Partners benefit from:

  • Our years of experience and knowledge in the industries we are involved at a local level,
  • Irreplaceable access to and relationships with major players in the sugar, agriculture, and irrigation sector in Ethiopia,
  • Dealing with a Well-established organization
  • Highly trained and disciplined professional staff focused on results, and
  • Many more.