Comprehensive Consulting

Owing to the deep knowledge and direct practical experience it accumulated in the sugar industry in the country, New Harmony has rapidly become the go-to company for consultation on ongoing sugar projects whether they are new or enhancement of existing factories.

New Harmony has surly become more than supplier of products. It leverages its own experience in the industry and its principal partners to provide comprehensive consulting services to the sugar industry. For major consulting services, we utilize resources across a broad range of professions spread throughout the world available to us through our partners. We can swiftly assemble a global team of sugar industry technologists and engineers who can provide recommendations to improve the efficiency and output of your plant.

We utilize technologists and engineering consultants with individual experience of over 30 years in manufacturing sugar, sugar related equipment and other industry related engineering works exclusively available to New Harmony from our principal partners. Combining that with our invaluable on-the-ground, local industry experience, we offer one-of-a-kind consulting service customizable to cater to your needs.

New Harmony and partners offer services from a complete technical evaluation of the whole plant down to simply designing or improving individual stations or key pieces of equipment. Our consulting team will identify and prioritize areas of improvement within the factory that will enable our clients to gain the best return on investment.

The subsequent evaluation report will provide management with comprehensive information for decision making and the timely utilization of investment funds, taking into account the existing market and economic conditions.

Harnessing our own deep knowledge of the local factories and refineries and augmenting it with the global expertise we bring from our principal partners we represent, we deliver a wide range of consultancy services that include:

Beyond Sugar

Even though New Harmony’s services are rooted in the sugar industry, its expertise in the cane cultivation and production lends itself to allowing us to provide our services to the agricultural sector in general. We offer irrigation, dam and pond water utilization and preservation solutions to farms ranging from small-scale farms to large mechanized plantations.

New Harmony and partners can analyze your agricultural resources and provide you with comprehensive evaluation report that would allow you to make informed decisions on how you can utilize your resources optimally.