Screens for Continuous Sugar Centrifugal

Continuously looking for efficiency and improvement in the production of sugar for its clients is what makes New Harmony unique.  Leveraging its management team’s long years of experience in the Ethiopian sugar industry, it looks for innovation in the international sugar technology to introduce to the Ethiopian sugar sector. One of the technologies New Harmony looked into and introduced is Laser Screens, Screens for Continuous Sugar Centrifugal. Due to their longer life and greater resistance to slot deformation and enlargement Laser Screens, when used instead of traditional chrome-nickel screens in continuous centrifugal, generate increased yield and greater profit for the sugar factory. The price of Laser Screens is higher than that of chrome-nickel screens, per Set. Nevertheless, the use of Laser Screens is more than justified by their superior longevity and performance.




New Harmony also supplies the products from Bundaberg Walkerslisted here. These products enhance the performance of sugar production by increasing efficiency, promoting low energy milling, and reducing production costs in the long run. Contact us for more information. 


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