Process Equipment Solutions

  • New Trayless Clarifiers
    • Conversion of multi-trayed clarification units into the more efficient trayless clarifier.
    • Complete drive and scraper retrofits as part of the conversion. process
    • Retro-fit Perforated Screens and Launder Arrangements.
  • Juice Heaters
    • Horizontal and vertical juice heaters – fabricated shell, cast headers, stainless heating tubes.
  • Evaporators
    • Calandria evaporators up to 5000m2.
  • Batch and Continious Vacuum Pans
    • Traditional units
    • Modern units with vertical, steel-tubed calandria with centre well and pan stirrer.
    • Pan stirrers with fixed or adjustable blades.
    • Stirrers to enhance Continuous Vacuum Pan (CVP) performance.
  • Crystallisers
    • Horizontal crystallisers, incorporating the latest coil technology.
    • Coils have a high cooling surface to volume ratio
    • Compatible with existing crystalliser shells.
    • Continuous crystallisation process – cost effective reduction of final molasses purities.
  • Massecuite Reheaters
    • Proven, efficient and cost effective design.
    • Rotary Sugar Dryers
    • Supplied for both raw and refined sugar applications.
    • Complete dryer station upgrade to improve final sugar quality.
    • Manufactured with drum sizes up to 5,5 meters diameter x 12 metres long

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