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Even though we gravitated to the sugar industry during the early years of our establishment, we have since successfully branched out into other areas such as the agro industry, irrigation and the food & beverage industry. The sectors we engage in are interrelated and augment each other for delivery of innovative solutions.

We believe our success lies in forming the right relationships that are mutually beneficial and create a win-win situation for all. Our overall growth strategy is to earn and keep the trust of our clients by continuously bringing innovative solutions that help them achieve better outcomes in their respective sectors. Our company is always evolving and dynamic because we carefully select the international companies we  represent in Ethiopia by ensuring they are the companies that are always improving their products and introducing new technologies and methods that help our clients produce more, spend less, and conserve input, energy and time. We stand behind the products of our principal partners a hundred percent because our experience affords us to make our own independent expertise research before we introduce them to our clients. This in turn gives us the opportunity to be dependable, reliable, and trustworthy to our clients in both ends of the spectrum.

With the winning combination mentioned above, New Harmony, along with the companies it represents such as Bartlett of Australia, has been winning several bids and is currently supplying various products and rendering services to the industries we are involved in such as the sugar industry. One of the major products we are currently supplying to the Ethiopian market that is revolutionizing the irrigation sector, for example, is the agriculture-irrigation solution Flexi flume with accessories. We are uniquely positioned to take full advantage of the expansion of the Ethiopian economy in general and the sectors we are involved in in particular and grow together. We look forward to forming a lasting, mutually beneficial relationship with you whether your company is looking for a dependable representative that gets you into the Ethiopian market or an Ethiopian entity looking for a company that brings you world-class products and services delivering solutions tailored to your needs.


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