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Garnering the lion’s share of the economy, agriculture is one of the most important sectors in Ethiopia. After many years of slow growth, it has picked up momentum in the past few years. Large scale mechanized farms and specialized farms such as flower farms and fruit farms are sprouting in every corners of the country.  As the agroindustry grows, so does irrigation farming.

Keenly aware of the need for expertise and advanced technology needed to meet the demands of the agriculture and water industry, New Harmony partnered with a company whose dedication to innovation is backed by its investment in research and development and the need to find solutions to meet the demands of our customers, exceed their expectations and provide us with a true competitive edge.

The water management products involve storage and conservation of water, transfer and transportation of water and highly flexible irrigation systems. The Water Products we offer are designed to optimize use of the most precious resource in agricultural, industrial and specialized domestic applications.

The water services portfolio of products is continually developing to ensure our clients receive quality, durable and practical products to suit their individual needs. There are no limits, we are confident that our continued growth is assured through our partner’s process and equipment development and our commitment to the highest standards of quality and service.

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